The Baby Gap

What to Expect When You're Not Expecting


Stories are for sharing (Credit: iosphere/

Stories are for sharing (Credit: iosphere/

THE BABY GAP is a non-fiction book about the huge number of women who are nearing the end of their fertile years, realising it’s getting late to have children and trying to work out what to do about it.

The book covers feminism and its unintended consequences, childlessness, ‘social infertility’, ’emotional infertility’, dating against the biological clock and creative solutions to motherhood from egg freezing, to sperm and egg donation, to solo adoption.

It poses questions being asked by millions of women around the world as they contemplate a life without children or take steps towards single motherhood and it offers support and guidance, drawing on the experiences of women who’ve trodden this path before us.

Part memoir, part social commentary, the book follows my own journey through the baby gap and features an array of case studies of women from New York to Johannesburg and from Rio to Beijing. It also includes interviews with leading fertility experts, sociologists, feminists and psychotherapists.

My  agent is approaching publishers with a view to publishing the book in 2014.

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